The Sentinel System was developed by a group of individuals with varied backgrounds that have contributed to a mutually formulated vision of the need for proper MSDS management.  

This vision has established the desire to accomplish this monumental task in a manner that continually seeks the most effective solutions to reduce or eliminate the administrative burdens associated with managing your MSDS.  To the extent possible, we perform this task for you, setting us greatly apart from other systems. 

Our multidisciplinary team combines the expertise of several fields (computer programming, internet technologies, technical writing, business management, regulatory management, and the sciences) to produce a unique system that manages MSDS in a cost effective manner.  

Our dedicated and professional team has designed and developed this system over the past decade. Sentinel has been reviewed and critiqued by numerous other individuals who have personally experienced the impossible task of manual MSDS management. Their combined feedback has served to greatly enhance the system.  

We look forward to meeting your needs and invite you to join with us.